About Piazza Navona HOA

Learn about our Piazza Navona HOA

The Piazza Navona Owner’s Association, Inc. was established in November 2004. The purpose of the Association and its Bylaws is to provide governance of the Piazza Navona Condominiums. All owners should have received a copy of the Bylaws when purchasing their unit. Owners can obtain a copy of the Bylaws by contacting the management company (PAMco) or the Association’s Board of Directors at board.piazza@gmail.com.

The Bylaws require an annual Owners’ Meeting, and this meeting is usually held in March. Notice of this annual meeting must be sent to all Owners more than 10 days before the meeting and no more than 60 days prior to the meeting. The election of directors shall be conducted at the annual meeting of the Association or at any special meeting called for that purpose.

The current Board of Directors was elected at a special meeting in August 2015, and all are first-time board members for the Association. The current Board members are:

  • Jack Kuo, President
  • Deani Zarrehparvar, Vice President
  • Alejandra Llamas, Secretary
  • Ron Gemkow, Treasurer

The Board of Directors can be contacted at board.piazza@gmail.com.

The following are available to owners, tenants, and those either interested in renting or purchasing a Piazza Navona unit:

By-laws, Covenants, and other documents are available to Unit Owners by contacting the Association Board at board.piazza@gmail.com.